Old displays…


Year 6 Ancient Greece display consists of a 3D temple made of kitchen roll tubes and card, chalk and charcoal bust done by a G&T pupil, and scrolls with Greek lettering (Rolled around chopsticks and dipped in coffee to stain).

The ‘Forces’ display needed to link to our whole school science target of asking investigative questions. The globe is half of a papier mache balloon left over from when we made Greek helmets and some children painted the lettering and large pictures during golden time.


Year 2 Haikus. We printed out the photograph (found on http://reddit.com/r/earthporn) as an extra large PDF and cut some plastic maths mirrors into pieces to make the shards of ice.


This was a longer year 6 project during art week. The children each posed for a photograph, divided it into a 6-box grid using a ruler. Then they drew a larger 6-box grid on a big sheet of paper and sketched their portrait box by box into it. We coloured them with oil pastel.

The frames are 3d, made with tissue soaked in glue on card. The children curled the tissue to make spirals and other patterns, then I spray painted them gold.


This was a teacher-made display using an old deflated football, the cardboard rolls from backing paper and a net. Each child has a football with their termly literacy target on it. The idea is that whenever I notice them making progress towards that target (i.e. including adjectives in a piece of writing, punctuating sentences correctly), I move their name along. Obviously I would almost never remember but some of the children are good at reminding me.